In addition to a High Concept, every character has some sort of Trouble aspect that’s a part of his life and story. If your High Concept is what or who your character is, your Trouble is the answer to a simple question: what complicates your character’s existence?

Trouble brings chaos into a character’s life and drives him into interesting situations. Trouble aspects are broken up into two types: personal struggles and problematic relationships.

Personal struggles are about your darker side or impulses that are hard to control. If it’s something that your character might be tempted to do or unconsciously do at the worst possible moment, it’s this sort of trouble. Examples:

  • Anger Management Issues
  • Sucker for a Pretty Face
  • The Bottle Calls to Me

Problematic relationships are about people or organizations that make your life hard. It could be a group of people who hate your guts and want you to suffer, folks you work for that don’t make your job easy, or even your family or friends that too often get caught in the crossfire. Examples:

  • Family Man
  • Debt to the Urdnot Clan
  • The Red Triad Wants Me Dead

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