Where Skills are the bread and butter of the Fate Core system, Stunts are special moves, advanced training, and “1 Finger Death Punch”. A Stunt is a special trait your character has that changes the way a skill works for you. Stunts indicate some special, privileged way a character uses a skill that is unique to whoever has that stunt. Unlike Skills, which are about the sort of things anyone can do, stunts are about individual characters.

The majority of the “powers” that were used by the characters in the Mass Effect video games will be Stunts in this campaign. You are allowed to pick three Stunts at character creation. Each skill has at three stunts associated with it as a recommendation. See the Skills page for more info.

  • Biotic powers/Stunts will be listed under the Biotics skill.
  • Tech based powers/Stunts will be listed under the Engineering skill.
  • Close combat powers/Stunts will be listed under the Melee skill.
  • Long range powers/Stunts will be listed under the Guns skill.

If for some reason you don’t like any of the Stunts listed here on the Wiki, feel free to make up your own. There are some rules for creating Stunts in the Fate Core rules. We can happily sit down and work through them if needed.

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