Taiyo Sentoki Arn' Urn

5'8" 145lb / pale skin / no hair / brown enviro suit

High Concept

Hot Shot Pilot


captain of the Gargoyle wants me dead


If it can be flown I can fly it
must prove himself to the general
I can fix it


great +4

good +3
engineering / notice

fair +2
rapport / investigate / gun

average +1
fight / physique / academics / stealth

Danger Sense


Taiyo Sentoki was born and lived on the star ship called the Urn. The Urn is the ship in the Quarian flotilla that processes the dead. All of the dead of the Flotilla are taken to this ship so that they may be broken down to base elements and reused by the colony. Quarian’s last name is the name of the ship that they reside on. Due to the nature of the work on the Urn Quarian shun anyone with the name of Urn.
Taiyo grew up working different jobs on the ship. The one that he was good at was driving the hover carts of bodies and supplies to different locations on the ship. At the age of 12 he was taught to fly the small cargo shuttles between the different ships of the flotilla. He was a copilot to an older quarian named Ewain.
Ewain noticed Taiyo’s potential from their first flight together. Over the years Ewain showed Taiyo several of the tricks and moves that he had learned while he was a fighter pilot. Taiyo’s natural ability while flying was the best that Ewain had ever seen. When he came of age Taiyo put in his request to enter the Quarian space fighter pilot academy. He was turned down. There were several reasons given, Taiyo knew the real reason was his last name was Urn.
About a year later Taiyo got his big break. He was in charge of transporting a group of military officers to a funeral on the Urn. Ewain smiled at Taiyo when the air lock was sealed and told him to give the officers a ride that they would not forget. He then step out of the cock pit and buckled in to a seat in the back with the officers. Ewain told them that they should make sure that they were well buckled in.
Taiyo looked back in to the cabin and smiled at Ewain then shot the shuttle out in to space. Taiyo twisted and turned the ship, darting between the larger ships of the flotilla. Taiyo skimmed the hull of the largest ship in the flotilla, a 300 year old carrier class. To end the ride he made a hot landing on the landing deck of the military cruiser he was to drop the passengers off on. The ride left several of the officers green and woozy, the rest were complaining and shouting at Taiyo, except for one old quarian in the back of the shuttle.
He started to clap and burst in to laughter. The other officers quickly became quiet and stood up when the old officer moved to the front of the cabin. He shook Taiyo’s hand stating that he had not seen flying like that in years. He asked why he was not in the space fighter academy. Taiyo explained that he had been rejected. The old man smiled and said well I will see to that. He then introduced himself as General Strillic. The general turned to leave the ship but stopped and shook hands with Ewain, he told him to stop by the officers club and have a drink some time.
Ewain explained after they were headed back to the Urn, that back in his youth he had flown as the Generals wing man against a raider attack. He had taken a laser shot meant for the then Captain Strillic. Ewain had been forced to eject and float in space in his enviro suit to wait for rescue. The cold had cost him one of his feet. Now General Strillic had never forgotten the risk and loss Ewain had taken for him.
Two days later Taiyo received his invitation to the space fighter academy. He moved to the star fighter carrier called the Gargoyle. Taiyo’s class was filled with sons and daughters of officers whose family had been in the military for many generations. The class hot shot was a tall quarian named Tyrair arn’ Gargoyle. He was the son of Barilla the Gargoyle’s Captain. He had grown up learning about military life and flying star ships.
The only time that Taiyo was happy during his first year at the academy was when he was flying. He commonly got in trouble in the first year as most of the flying they did was boring. They flew in formations and learned protocol, nothing that was fun. For all of his misbehaving he never seemed to receive serious punishments, but spent a lot of time cleaning toilets.
It was the second year that they started to learn about space combat, bombing runs, attacking large ship weapon placements, and how to defend an escorted ship. This was the year that the rivalry between Taiyo and Tyrair developed. Tyrair had always had the best scores the first year but when it came to the fast thinking of combat, Taiyo’s abilities challenged Tyrair. A split formed in the class, each side lead by one of the rivals.
The third and final year was all about small craft combat. Taiyo scores were untouchable. He seemed to have the ability to know when he was in trouble. Twisting and turning out of the way when his opponent was about to fire. Tyrair became so angry after one class that he attacked Taiyo in the hanger. Taiyo again dodged out of the way. The two exchanged several punches before the instructors broke up the fight. Tyrair swore there in front of the whole class that he would beat him in class pilot competition at the end of the year.
The competition was the last drills used by the academy to find out who was the best pilot of the class. To win would guarantee the pilot a place in the space fighter core, the ability to name the carrier they would serve on, and a one rank bump on the rest of your class mates. Respect, would also be given to the winner. That is what Taiyo wanted most of all.
The first week of the competition was spent in simulators where you worked in teams gaining both points on your skills and the success of the team. The last week was the week that really mattered. It was a week of dog fighting. A cadet would fight everyone in the class and then the ten best were pulled out and put on a single elimination completion. If you lost you were out.
Taiyo won his first 3 fights without ever losing control of the match. His fourth was against Tyrair.
Taiyo wasted no time when the match started and went right to the attack. Tyrair was running and evading as if his life depended on it. Tyrair used the hull of a large ship to shake Taiyo and get behind him. Taiyo ran to a small asteroid field that the fleet had been skirting. The exercise commander called for a break and told the two pilots that the asteroid field was too dangerous. Taiyo taunted Tyrair saying your daddy says it is too dangerous for you, you should go back. Tyrair did not break off the chase so Taiyo lead him in to the large floating rocks. Taiyo used one of the rocks to break Tyrair’s line of sight and then made his move.
Taiyo rolled his to the right and spun the craft so that he could get a snap shot at Tyrair’s ship as it came back in to sight. Tyrair had guessed that something was up so he had also rolled to his right to avoid any attack by not being where Taiyo thought he was. As Taiyo’s fighter came around all he saw was Tyrair’s fighter. The two ships collided. The right wing was ripped off of Tyrair’s craft. He spun out of control and slammed in to a rock 5 times the size of his ship. Tyrair’s craft exploded before he could eject. Taiyo’s ship was also damaged. His propulsion system was knocked out. Taiyo had to sit in his cold broken ship for over an hour looking at the burning destroyed pieces of Tyrair’s ship floating away, before he was rescued and taken back to the academy.
As soon as the rescue shuttle landed on the Gargoyle the side hatch was opened and Taiyo was pulled out. It was Tyrair father Barilla. He threw Taiyo to the deck screaming at him about getting his son killed. Taiyo shouted back while getting up that Tyrair did not pull of when ordered. The captain shouted that if anyone was to blame it was an “Urn”, not a member of the Gargoyle. The captain swung a big right and caught Taiyo on the side of his head. He staggered to the side bringing his arms up to defend against the next attack.
Taiyo looked for his attacker but found that several new men had arrived. It took a second but Taiyo realized it was General Strillic and his body guards. Barillo had been restrained and the general was talking quietly to him. The captain calmed down and then came to attention. He saluted the general and left. General Strillic came over to Taiyo, walk with me son. The general walked towards the other end of the hanger. The young pilot followed the old officer. At the end of the hanger in front of a small shuttle the General shook his head, “You really messed up this time.” The general turned to look at Taiyo, “I have followed the reports on your time in the academy. You would have made a fine star fighter pilot.” Taiyo started to protest but the general held up a hand to silence him. “You are being sent on your pilgrimage, You will graduate from the academy but you will not be there to receive your honors. You will not earn first place in the completion. You will also not face a court martial. There will be a stipulation to your pilgrimage you have to come back with no less than a ship that will crew at least 100 souls.”
Taiyo looked shocked, “100 souls, how am I to get a ship that large.”
“Don’t sass me boy.” Strillic said in a load commanding voice. Taiyo snapped to attention. “I have done you a favor. If the captain had his way you would be in the stocks awaiting trial for killing his son. You will be leaving as soon as we are done with this conversation, you will go on your pilgrimage and you will return with a ship. I don’t care if you have to work to earn the cash or steal some raider’s craft.”
“Yes sir.” Was all that Taiyo said.
“It is customary for your parents to give you gifts. I will do that for them. This is my old personal shuttle, it is now yours. You will take and fly to the nearest settlement. That will take you a couple of weeks. When you get there you will sell the craft to purchase any gear that you will need. From there you will start your pilgrimage.”
The general took a wide stance with his fists on his hips. There was a look in his eyes that belonged to younger men. His voice was low and strong, “You will venture out in to that dark space and you will do what I will ask. That will prove to that pompous ass that there is more to us born on the Urn than he thinks.”
Taiyo’s eyes went wide all he could say was “You?”
The general smiled and extended a hand. “If you really need help you can contact me with this.” The general gave Taiyo a communicator, “It is a direct line to the one I have. Good Luck.”

Taiyo Sentoki Arn' Urn

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